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Spiritbeing Therapy for Individual or Couples' Counselling
Suite 105, level 1/153 Wycombe Rd Neutral Bay

Su Naseby is a qualified experienced therapist offering confidential and professional counselling therapy in a safe and caring environment.

Call 1300 76 12 55 to make your first appointment

Su NasebyHello ... my name is Su Naseby, I'm a qualified and registered psychotherapist and counsellor. I understand finding the right therapist isn't easy. You need to find someone you can trust with the most personal, private and vulnerable parts of yourself and your life. I hope I can make this task a little easier by telling you a bit about myself and the way I work.

I am a kind and compassionate person with a wealth of personal experiences. I hold a graduate diploma and a masters in counselling and applied psychotherapy. The therapy I offer combines these high standards of qualifications with my considerable personal experience. You will find I won't sit on my high therapist chair judging you as the helpless client. I see my role as your guide, helping you to find the path to your own wise self. Sometimes I see the path ahead more clearly than you so I will lead the way, and other times I walk beside you giving good counsel.

I take an holistic approach to counselling therapy. I believe Mind, Body and Spirit needs to be considered as part of the therapeutic process. You will find I leave room for your spirituality because I understand these beliefs play a big part in your sense of self.

You may feel stuck with a specific issue or be at a cross roads in your life in general, in your career or maybe your relationship. In our sessions we can resolve that sense of stuckness or conflict by looking for new ways to see old problems, together we discover a way for you to move forward with a whole sense of self. I look forward to hearing from you!

Call 1300 76 12 55 to make your first appointment
  Struggling with Anxiety or Depression?


Depression and anxiety are debilitating. Depression can come over us like a heavy black wave, we loose perspective about what was once important to us and we loose hope that we will even get back to a good place.

Anxiety can be a ticking bomb. Low levels of apparently manageable anxiety can explode into a full blown panic attack at any time. Our vigilance, used to prevent this from happening, can sometimes even be the cause.

Many people turn to medication, or sometimes drugs and alcohol, to manage these conditions but with a series of counselling therapy sessions we can explore the emotional and psychological causes of these conditions.

You will also learn new skills to help you cope using techniques from Mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy).

  Want to Inspire your Life's Purpose?

Spiritual Purpose


You've probably read a spiritual book or few, and many talk about finding your True Purpose. Books like Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now and New Earth. Books such as these have inspired millions of people to awaken to their conscious Self. This process of becoming aware of our egoic conditioned mind is a huge step. But where to from there?

I can assist you to work through the process of awakening and developing conscious awareness. Together we acknowledge your personal journey in context with the roles and functions of your life. In your job, your relationships with your family, your partner and their family,

and maybe your life as a parent and your relationship with your child or children. Together we work towards you finding inner peace with your past, the expectations of others and discover your Life's purpose ... but most importantly, how you can integrate your Life's purpose into the whole of your life!

All the labels we place on our self (and are placed on our us), our life and even our awakening can make for an uncertain journey. We can easily find our self stuck or blocked. In our sessions I will assist and guide you to find your Life's purpose, to make peace with the uncertainty and find your own deep wisdom.

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